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Rev. George Barton Brown, B. A.

Ordained, British, Ordained Rt. Rev. N. Hamlyn to priesthood in the Gold Coastst

Rev. Benjamin Philips Haines, M.A

Classmate of Hamlyn at Durham University ordained Diocese of Leicester, England and and recruited by Rt. Rev. Hamlyn

Hugh Hare

Trained Schoolmaster in England. Recruited by Bishop O'Rorke, successor of Bishop Hamlyn.

Rev. Robert Fisher, M.A. (Cantab)

Ordained, Recruited by Rt. Rev. O'Rorke Headmaster during the years of World War 1 (1914 -1918)

Rev. William Hutton Mensah | (1918-1924)

Ghanaian, One of the first Two Anglicans ordained by Bishop O'Rorke 1916. Though not a graduate, he was a decorated trained teacher. First Ghanaian head of SPG Grammar Scholar

Mr. Samuel Richard Stephen Nicholas M.A. Dip. Theol (Dunelm) | (1924-1929)

First Ghanaian Graduate to head the School. Old Boy

Rev. Alan John Knight, M.A. LL.B (Cantab)| (1929-1937)

Anglican priest, recruited by Bishop John Aglionby. Changed the designation of the head from Principal to Headmaster. Moves the school to new campus on Adisadel Hill

Mr. S.R.S. Nicholas, M.A. (Dunelm)| (1941-1943)


Mr. A.N. Agbettor, B.A., Dip Ed (London)|(1943-1946)

Came to Adisadel from Mfantsipim School where he was a teacher of science

Rey. Canon W.G. Harward, M.A (Oxon) | (1947-1952)

Ordained. Came to Adisadel after a stint as Army Chaplain in Accra

Mr. Coleman Porter. Bsc Dip. Ed. (London) | 1953

Chemist, Acting

Mr. Arthur R.H. Dee, M.A. (Cantab) | (1954-1955)

Former housemaster of Marborough Public School, England. Recruited by Bishop Daly. Withdrew because of brain tumour and died after surgery

Mr. Albert Hammond, B.A. Dip Ed. (London) | (1955)

Santaclausian, Classicist

Mr. L.W.Fry, M.A. B.Sc. (Oxon) | (1956-1958)

Recruited from Achimota School, Chemist

Mr. T.J. Drury , M.A. (Cantab)|(1959-1963)

Also Recruited from Achimota School

Mr. Robert Thompson Orleans-Pobee, B.A. (London), M. Ed. (Springfield) | (1963-1974)

Santaclausian. Longest reigning headmaster of the school to date

Mr. Edward Augustus Jonah, B.A. (Legon) PGCE (Cape Coast)|(1974-1980)


Mr. Raphael Kwasi Aryeetey, B.A. (Legon) | (1980-1990)


Mr. J. E. K. Appiah-Cobbold |(1991-1995)


Mr. J.E.C. Kitson, SP.Sc, B.Sc. (UST) PGCE | (1995-2004)


Mr. Herbert K.K. Graham (2005-2014)

Bsc., PGCE (UCC), Santaclausian

Mr. William Kusi-Yeboah 2014-2018

BA(HONS ) DIP ED MED (ADM) Santaclausian

Mr. Francis Agbedanu (2018-2019)

B.Ed Mathematics M.Ed (Basic Ed)