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Santa 96 appreciates the following for the successful launch of the Adisadel Digital Museum.

1.Mr. Ben Appah of the 1975 Year Group who single handled provided all electricals for the Rewiring of Canterbury Hall
2. Mr. ET Tagoe of the 1964 Year Group for provision of a copy of the Adisadel Log book as well as Mr
Bimus Acquah of the 91 Year Group.
3. Mr. Anumnyam of the 1970 Year Group for provision of Historical records of Adisadel.
4. Mr. Ebo Yankah of the 1964 Year Group for his advise and encouragement.
5.Dr. Ave Kludze of NASA &
Prof Emeritus Ebo Richardson for agreeing to be our Guest Speakers
6. Mr. Eric Appiah and Mr. Daniel Ampofo of the 2011 year Group for producing the Museum. Their labour is worthy of emulation.
7. Finally to all Santa 96 Members who have laboured to add to the gains of this great Institution.



 Adisadel College 1996 Year Group

with Anumnyam.

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