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As a boarding school Adisadel College maintains ten houses which are the mainstay of its student’s life. Evenly distributed over both upper (Leopoldville) and lower (Katanga) campuses are houses whose historic roots define the self-reliant Adisadel spirit. All the old dormitory blocks at the upper school were built by students in 1924.

Enrolling students are given the choice of living in one of the ten dormitories that form the house. It is not unusual to find three generations of the same family having belonged to the same house. Each living organization has its unique character. Being the units of intramural campus competition, the Houses promote activities that enhance social bonding and group pride. The houses are as follows: Aglionby House, Canterbury House, Ebiradze House, Elliott House, Hamlyn House, Jubilee House, Knight House, LeMaire House, Quaque House and Thomas Jonah House

Location: Katanga
Colour: Yellow

Motto: Vita non vitanda sed vivenda

Aglionby House

Completed in 1960 and situated at lower campus (Katanga), Aglionby House was named after the late Anglican Bishop of Accra, Rt. Rev. J. O. Aglionby who was instrumental in establishing the upper campus (Leopoldville). The Aglionby living organization houses approximately 112 students. It has a student lounge and the Housemaster’s bungalow is adjacent to it.

Located farthest of all other buildings from the central campus and the closest to the hockey field (Sahara), it has consequently excelled in hockey. Some popular Adisadel students from this organization are track star Kofi Osei ’76 (Sasta), Paul Poku (Pee Square)’75. In 1997 Aglionby produced Perry Ofori-Baffoe (Nguji) coming first in 5-track events (100m, 200m, 400m, 4x100m, 4x400m) and setting an all-time record of 10.81 secs in the 100m.

Canterbury House

This living organization was named after the location of the seat of the Anglican Church, Canterbury, England, where the archbishop of the Anglican Church resides. Recognizing the role of the Anglican Church in establishing Adisadel College, Canterbury House is a tribute to the religious roots of Adisadel. In 1936, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Cosmo Gordon Lang dedicated the Assembly Hall block that also bear the name Canterbury.
Situated at upper campus (Leopoldville), it houses approximately 120 students. There are three cubicles for prefects. It has a student lounge. The housemaster’s bungalow is adjacent to it.. Members of the Canterbury living organization are outgoing and a bit loud. It’s not for the shy or timid. Great Adisadel basketball players from Canterbury are Angus Ola ’71 and Isaac Neizer ’73. The only student in Central Region to obtain a grade of “A” in Biology in 1998, Sharone Aboagye is a member of Canterbury House.

Location: Leopoldville
Colour: Maroon

Motto: Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re

Location: Katanga
Colour: Black and White

Motto: Ananse ntentan woko mu enyasafo

Ebiradze House

Completed in 1972 and dedicated in 1974 by the Omanhene of Cape Coast Nana Mbra IV, Ebiradze House was named after the Ebiradze clan of Cape Coast, who donated land claims for the establishment of the current campus in 1936. The Ebiradze living organization used to house the largest number of students. Being the latest dormitory addition in the mid ’70’s, it went through two nicknames – “New House” and “Chinese House” for its numerous residents. Seeded mostly by incorrigibles and free thinkers, the Ebiradze Living Organization became an eclectic mix that dominated intramural athletic. Situated in the lower campus (Katanga), Ebiradze House has recently been subdivided into two Living Organizations. The other half of it is LeMaire House. Prominent members of this organization include former national track star George Enchill – 1974 (Sakina).

Elliott House

The Elliott Living organization was one of the oldest buildings on campus. When the campus was relocated from Topp Yard to its present location, Elliott and Hamlyn Living Organizations were erected by the students in 1936. Named after the Venerable Clement Henry Elliott, the first Adisadel student to be ordained a priest, Elliott House has approximately 112 residents. It is located at the Upper Campus, (Leopoldville). The Elliott Living organization has been the custodians of the campus clock tower, the official school timekeeper. Elliott House has four cubicles for upper-class students and prefects. Well known members of this living organization include musician Dr. Daniel Amponsah 1952 (Koo Nimo), Santaclausian leader James F. Mercer and board of governors member Ato Ampiah.

Location: Leopoldville
Colour: Blue

Motto: Officium Honore

Location: Leopoldville
Colour: Red

Motto: Una Mente

Hamlyn House

Considered the “Father” of all the Living Organizations, Hamlyn House was the first dormitory to be completed in 1924 through the efforts of pioneering students. Named after Rev. Father Nathaniel Templyn Hamlyn, founder of Adisadel College, Hamlyn House is a dormitory for approximately 100 students. It is located in the upper campus (Leopoldville). The Hamlyn Living organization has been the home of pioneer Adisadel alumni. It has cubicles for upper-class students and common room lounge.
Currently it is the most disciplined of all the living organizations. Having won several intra mural quiz competition, it has also gained the accolade of being an academic organization. This living organization boast of members like Carl Ricky Telfor – 1966 (Great Adisadel Guitarist/Musician), Laud Addoquaye Ankrah – 1974 (Gorman) – Adisadel All-Star sportsman and Dr. Ave Kludze Jnr. (1983) – Snr. NASA Engineer and the first African to command a space craft.

Jubilee House

Completed in 1960 as part of the lower campus expansion during the administration of T.J .Drury, this dormitory is so named to commemorate the Silver Jubilee Anniversary of the founding of the school. It is the first building one encounters upon descending the 83 steps of the Katanga staircase to the lower campus. It houses about 112 students and has a student common room lounge. This living organization excels in sports and currently has the reputation of being one of the most disciplined. The Housemaster’s residence is adjacent to it. Prominent Adisadel alumni that belong to this living organization include Asamoah 1975(Ezoh) great sprinter and Dr. Sam Amporful 1973-Great Adisadel soccer star.

Location: Katanga
Colour: Black

Motto: E Pluribus Unum

Location: Leopoldville
Colour: Marine Blue

Motto: Non Sibi Sed Allis

Knight House

The largest of all the Adisadel Living Organizations, Knight House has emerged as the residence of choice for those seeking to balance a congenial social atmosphere within the bounds of discipline. This living organization was named after Rev. John Allan Knight, who was the headmaster from 1929-1937. Located in the upper campus (Leopoldville), it houses approximately 150 students. The house recently won the intramural Brain Teaser competition. This living organization has great alumni that include Gilbert Nii-Okai Addy, gifted multi-talented Economist and Dr. Bernard Rawlins, orthopedic surgeon.

LeMaire House

This Living Organization was created out of the Ebiradze Living Organization. LeMaire House shares the same building as Ebiradze House and counts about 100 members. Relatively a young Organization it was named after the late Rt. Rev Bishop LeMaire, Anglican archbishop for West Africa and Adisadel alumnus. The LeMaire Living Organization has quickly established itself as one of the cleanest, winning many weekly inspections. It is also the haven for most of Adisadel College’s top sportsmen. In 1988, LeMaire House members like Arthur Luther, Benjamin Baiden and Nana Boakye were instrumental in winning the Central Regional Inter-Schools Hockey Trophy for Adisadel.

Location: Katanga
Colour: Mauve and White

Motto: Servo

Location: Katanga
Colour: Green

Motto: Pugnate Suma Vi

Quaque House

This house was named after Phillip Quaque, the first Ghanaian and African Anglican priest and missionary. Being part of the original lower campus (Katanga) expansion in the late 1950’s, Quaque House has emerged as one of Adisadel’s house with high achievers. It houses over 112 students and has a student lounge and a cubicle for prefects. The Housemaster’s residence is adjacent to it. Quaquerians, as members of this house call themselves are outgoing and can be found actively participating in all campus activities. Memorable Quaquerians include paediatrician Dr. Ebow Derban 1978 (Washay), who was a great Adisadel sprinter and held the Central Regional Track Record.

Thomas Jonah House

This newest of all the Adisadel Living Organizations opened on September 13th, 1997. A gift of Adisadel alumnus Dr. Sam Jonah, this new dormitory was named in honour of Thomas Jonah, the father of Dr. Sam Jonah. It is located in the lower campus (Katanga) and houses over 120 students. Jonah House has achieved remarkable success among the living organizations in the areas of discipline, sports and housekeeping. Often referred to as a four-star hotel, the residents of this house endure frequent inspections and impromptu roll calls. It has a well-equipped lounge and refrigeration facilities. The Housemaster’s residence is located adjacent to it. Mr. Joseph Opare, Adisadel alumnus and Housemaster of Jonah House recently received the Best Housemaster Award on behalf of this Living Organization.

Location: Katanga
Colour: Gold and White

Motto: Ad Astra Per Aspera

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