Collaborations After Leaving Adisadel

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Students of Adisadel College – both past and present – are known collectively as “Santaclausians”. This is because up until 1936 it was known as St. Nicholas’ (Santa Claus) Grammar School and the students as Santaclausians. The name “Santaclausians” has stuck to this day. In fact the first line of the School Ode goes: “Up Santaclausians! Stand up to Honour ……”. Other verses also accord praise and honour to St. Nicholas: “Nicholas, the Saintly Bishop our Patron; Prays that his sons may be good men and true…”

The School chapel is called St. Nicholas and it has a statue of the saint just above its main entrance. The statue is among others featured at the website of the St. Nicholas Centre – Discovering the Truth about Santa Claus.

The school crest also embodies 2 of the St. Nicholas symbols – a miter and the 3 gold balls.

More information on St. Nicholas can be found at the St. Nicholas Centre website.
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