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Adisadel College Welcomes Chess Club: An Initiative by M LAING (1975YG)

Adisadel College, has taken a strategic move to introduce chess club as an extra curriculum, thanks to the efforts of an alumnus from the 1975 YEAR GROUP, a dedicated Santaclausian.


The Santaclausian, who has always emphasized the intellectual growth of students, believes that chess, more than just a strategic game, offers multifaceted benefits. Outlined below is the significance of the game in shaping young minds:


– It acts as a ‘gym for the mind’, honing students’ strategizing capabilities.

– Chess enhances memory and cognitive functions, an essential for academic excellence.

– It serves as a practical tool for teaching problem-solving skills.

– Chess encourages patience, perseverance, and resilience, all crucial life skills.

– It aids in fostering emotional intelligence, teaching students to handle both victories and defeats.

– Chess club activities will bolster social interactions among students.


In line with this, he shared that his goal goes beyond molding chess players. He aspires to nurture thinkers capable of planning and effective decision-making, in sync with the school’s mission of producing all-rounded individuals.


Notably, the Santaclausian has previously participated in national tournaments within Ghana. Leveraging his experience and passion, he generously donated a Chess Set, Chess Clocks, Trophies, and game recording sheets for the budding players at the school. He also initiated the “M LAING (1975YG) ADISADEL COLLEGE, CHESS CLUB”.


The move received a warm reception on June 1st. Headmaster, Mr. Samuel Kofi Agudogo, lauded the initiative, while the Head of the PE department pledged to ensure that students make the best use of the provided resources.


Additionally, Mr. Philip Ameku, the President of the Ghana National Chess Association, has expressed his endorsement for this initiative, signifying the positive impact it’s bound to have on students.


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