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Founders Day/Speech and Price Giving Day

Each year in March a Speech and Price Giving Day and a Founder’s Day is held in the school. The event brings together students, parents, teachers, administrators, and old boys. It is an event that is traditionally sponsored by Old Boys who left the school exactly 25 years ago. Among others, the Old Boys usually embark on a major or minor project such as buying equipment for the school or putting up a structure or rehabilitating some of the existing structures in the school. As an example, in 2004, the 1979 Year Group donated the current school gate at the Cape Coast – Takoradi by-pass road. The Speech Day Event also recognizes outstanding students within the past academic year.

The Founder’s Day Event is usually held a day after the Speech Day, on a Sunday – this involves a church service in honour of the school founder which is followed by the traditional cement party (a meal of ‘soakings’ – garri with sugar and milk).

The awards night is organized to give the students a break and also recognize the various talents that the boys bring to the school – It is said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This event recognises students for the role they played in helping the school during their 3 year stay in the college. It is organized with the help of the entertainment prefect, the entertainment committee, and the administration. Awards are given to the hard-working prefects, the neatest boy, the best dancer, the best rapper etc.

Santaclausians Award Night

Philip Quaque Remembrance Day

As an Anglican Institution of which Philip Quaque was an old student, a cross section of students in Quaque house (house named after Rev. Quaque), the Head Prefect, Chapel Prefect, the Quaque House master and the Cadet corps as well as students and teachers of Academy of Christ the King usually attend the memorial and wreath laying ceremony of the late Rev. Philip Quaque at the Cape Coast Castle.

Observed in November, a Remembrance Day service is held throughout the country. In Cape Coast, the Adisadel Cadet Corps as well as cadet corps from other schools and officers and men of the security services in Cape Coast attend the Remembrance Day service at the Cape Coast Castle.

Veterans or Remembrance Day

St. Nicholas Day

Observed in December, the school holds a mass for St. Nicholas who is the patron and saint of Adisadel College and a saint of the Anglican Church. The mass is officiated by the college Chaplain. Sermons usually reiterate how important it is for all students to take a cue from the exemplary life of St. Nicholas so that they could also be remembered for their good deeds.

Lent Term Schedule:
January - April

  • 5th. January Re-opening
  • 8th. January Opening Assembly/Beginning of Classes
  • 9th January Beginning of Term staff meeting
  • 10th January Zonal Milo Soccer Championship
  • 16th February Zonal Athletics Competition
  • 19th – 23rd February Submission of Mock WASSCE Exam Questions
  • 1st – 2nd March Super Zonal Athletics Competition
  • 10th. – 11th. March Speech & Prize Giving and Founder’s Day
  • 13th. – 23rd. March Mock WASSCE Exams
  • 23rd. – 25th. March Break for SSS 3 Students
  • 26th. March SSS 3 students resume classes
  • 30th. March Closing Assembly for SSS 1 & 2 / Staff meeting
  • 13th. April End of Term Staff Meeting / Discussion of Reports
  • 19th. April WASSCE Examinations Begin