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Religion played an indispensable role in shaping the internal and external outlook of St. Nicholas Grammar School. Virtues such as allegiance, discipline, and loyalty to the School formed St. Nicholas Grammar School’s bedrock.

During the Opening Sermon of the 1931 Advent Term, the importance of Unity was impressed upon students. And those who run with it have done us proud- Today, Adisadel College, formerly St. Nicholas Grammar School play host to diverse faith bodies (which would be listed at the end of this write up)on campus. Alluding to Psalm 133:1-“…Behold how good and joyful a thing it is, brethren, to dwell together in unity…” the School authorities observed that without a Unity of purpose and a united front the ultimate vision of St. Nicholas Grammar School would soon become a mirage. To this end, students were encouraged to build trust in authorities of the School while at the same time observing constructive criticism among themselves internally, to bring out the best in each other and to maintain the best outlook for the School. Teachers induced students to court the idea that St. Nicholas Grammar School was second to none. Primarily, the adoption and adaptation of that belief and attitude created the enabling environment to breed success. The Unity of Purpose expressed the notion that students enrolled to take what the School gives and graduate having received the stamp or the School’s seal on their lives at the end of the academic journey. And to remain worthy ambassadors of the school post-graduation.

However, to maintain a united spirit and front depended heavily on discipline and good manners. In their view, discipline means the voluntary submission of themselves borne out of unselfishness for the School and posterity’s ultimate good. This created a sense of awareness and consciousness among themselves. The promotion of discipline and good relations amongst students culminated in self-development and shared responsibility amongst the student body and authorities who played advocacy for it. In the eyes of the Teachers, the success of each student reflected in the ultimate success of the School- “…Unity is not a simple thing, and a simple strand cannot bind it. The cord that binds us into one family is made up of many parts, and each of the parts must be strong enough to take up a share of the strain that falls upon the whole cord…” More importantly, based on the preceding reference, it could be deduced that the School made provision for Inclusivity and Diversity ahead, which continue to play to the advantage of its interest. That explains why Adisadel College play host to diverse faith bodies on campus. Religious tolerance observed by these diverse faith bodies on campus is exemplary and worthy of emulation.

Concluding, the corollary of the symbiotic relationship between the English Church Mission and St. Nicholas Grammar School was that while students and Teachers embraced allegiance, discipline and loyalty to the School as the School’s bedrock, the application of it extended to the Headmaster who steered the affairs of the School on behalf of the English Church Mission and the Board of Governors of the School. Coupled with strict adherence to School Rules, St. Nicholas Grammar School’s smooth running without hindrances was assured. Without a strong bond of Religion (Christianity) amongst them, the School’s vision within the context of United Purpose would have remained a mirage. The enlisted faith bodies below attest to the fruits of the viable seeds sown at St. Nicholas Grammar School during its formative years.

  • Assemblies of God Students Union
  • Ghana Methodist Students Union
  • Pentecost Students and Associates
  • Cape Coast Anglican Students Union
  • Ghana Muslim Students Association
  • Scripture Union (SU)
  • Catholic Students Union (CATSU)
  • Harvest International Ministries
  • Seventh-Day Adventist
  • Charismatic Students Union
  • Jehovah’s Witness
  • Church of Christ
  • National Union of Presbyterian Students

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